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A-Linie/Princess-Linie U-Ausschnitt Bodenlang Kleider für die Brautmutter mit Applikationen Spitze #212739

153.70 € 619.57
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€ 153.70

Bewertungen von Produkten

4.8 (Basiert auf 17 Rezensionen)
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I ordered this dress (along with a mask) for a masquerade party and I'm very happy with it. Everything about the dress spells lovely. I got many compliments on it. I ordered the right size for a perfect fit. It's well worth the money.

Nice to finally get a dress that's cute, fun and sexy. I'm pretty shapely but a M works fine for my size 50in hips

Lovely dress, excellent service.

Love it, bought a white one for a party and was a big sucess, then bought a black one for a wedding and another success! Going to buy more colors and make this style my go to dress to parties!

I should have went a size down

The dress is form-fitting. I do not have a large chest area so the top of the dress fell down a little. I overcame that by pinning the top of my dress to my strapless bra. The dress looks off-white in some lighting but white in others. There's no lining on the inside so please wear underwear that matches your skin color. You WILL get compliments on the dress.

I ordered this as a back up dress, but even though it was a 10th of the price as my first dress, when it came I decided to wear it instead. The dress is excellent quality and fit. Due to the lace up back, you can really get it right and secure unlike most strapless dresses then end up riding down all night, this one stayed in place. I received dozens of compliments all night long. Just one note, it absolutely takes two people to get this dress on right. You need a hand to lace up the back secrutely to get a snug fit.

I bought the blue and black dress as back-up but it looks so beautiful on that it's my new favorite. The dress has a little bit of weight to it but nothing too annoying. It skims over all the right places and you will feel like a million bucks wearing it. You won't be disappointed.

This dress was everything.!! I was hestitant initially purchasing this dress because the first one I order on here was very poorly made. But this dress was amazing, the fabric was thick and strong, and it fit perfectly.

I'm in love!!! Patiently waiting on my Dirty 30 Birthday ????????????

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